The advertisment crunch

I visit a lot of websites.  Some daily others a few times a month.  Each is different with different people and topics and a different vibe.  Some I join for the lively debate or others the informational content.  One I go to through the day because I keep up with friends there who cheer each other through life.  The one thing they all have in common is the need for revenue.

There are those that charge a sub to pay the bills and keep ads off the site.  These are usually journaling type sites where you post to a journal and then can post to others.  Generally these are there for us to hang out, meet new people with common lives or goals.  We can lose weight together, get pregnant together, talk about our weddings and our daily lives.  Almost none of them are there to make money.

Then there are those that are attached to stores.  These boards are usually heavy on the content for the product being sold.  Like candle making on a candle making supply website.  Often the boards are just there to let people help each other out with their hobby/business.

But here are the ones that lose people but don’t care.  These boards are maintained by companies who use these boards to sell ads so that they can make money.  The money doesn’t come back to the posters who’s views are what generates the ad money and once they start with one small one then the blow up into bigger and more annoying ads. is about the worst I’ve seen yet.  They start off with a few banner ads.  Then they are all along the side and sometimes you get pop ups.  The ads are supposedly tailored to the link you are reading or the cookies on your computer but I’ve never really found that to be the case.  It’s almost always a mis mosh of things that people think you’ll like.  If I’m on a scrapbooking board I get ads for birthday party kits, mini vans and Disney vacations.  The reasoning is that all scrapbookers are SHAM’s who love mini vans, wear Mickey Mouse sweats and die over the chance to throw their 2.5 kids a blow out birthday bash.

Now the newest idea is to take a word, such as groceries, then link that word to an ad.  Isn’t that just lovely.  You’re making money off the fact I’m already visiting the site.  Now you get the added bonus of using my words to link to other ads so you can make even more money.  All the while all you’re doing is pissing me off to the point you make me want to leave your site.

The thing is that these companies don’t care.  There will always be someone else who’ll come along who won’t mind these things.  Who might not know that once the site didn’t have so many ads that your computer slowed down each time you opened a page.  The limits will continue to be pushed because the internet always has new people join.

Frankly I’d rather pay a fee to avoid being told I should buy Tide or Bounce and that I should have a Honda in my garage and how much happier my son would be with Grranimals clothes.  I don’t need to have almost all of my daily life be one large commercial and I’m starting to worry that I won’t be able to keep my son from these companies that scream to his mommy about how much easier life would be if she only bought Glade!

Oh, one last thing.  I notice once the ads start the moderation ramps up.  As if these brain dead troglodytes miss the whole point that they were able to get the price and the advertiser based on the amount of people who log in and view each day and that those people were coming for the train wreak threads.  No, they want to make everything happy and clean so that Huggies won’t be advertised along side a thread with a topic with boob or period or I hate *insert public person’s name*!  Well maybe not the period thing.  Then they could sell me Always.


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