The Democratic Nomination

I like politics. Well, most of the time anyway. I enjoy reading stories about what’s going on in Washington as well as my own state and city. I like watching election returns, I like watching the process. I can’t really give a solid answer as to why I do. Sometimes it’s the thrill of the deal. Other’s it’s seeing how we still have power in our own goverment.

Sometimes it’s makes me mad, sometimes it makes me sad. Others it makes me happy to see that as flawed as it is, it really will work most of the time. Our founding father’s gave us a good structure to govern.

The Democratic primary has made me scratch my head then get bored then scratch my head again a few times. Mostly because I don’t understand why on earth they are allowing their own candidates to pound each other senseless while the Republican candidate is just going around to places that normally Presidential candidates aren’t able to go because they have to focus on the big states.  Sen. McCain is just out there and every so often one of the Democratic candidates remembers him and says something but then they turn to each other with veiled remarks and jabs.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Pres. Bush should have lost in 04. There was just no way he should have won a second term but the Republicans didn’t do it. The Democrats beat themselves between Sen Kerry not really defining himself until far too late to Mrs Heinz-Kerry not being able to keep her comments a little more campaign friendly.   I’m afraid they are going to be doing it again this year after watching them feed on each other for a year.


One thought on “The Democratic Nomination

  1. I think the Democrats chose right in Clinton and right in Gore, but with Gore the DNC didn’t back him up. Kerry was a loser candidate. With Obama, they will make the same mistake for different reasons. The Democratic Party is disfunctional. (I am not a Republican, by the way.) One would think it would use logic to pick a candidate who could not only win the big states necessary for an electoral college victory but who could also bring in congressional districts. 257 congressional districts went for Clinton while only 195 went for Obama. I don’t know what to make of it.

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