I never usually lose things

I’m pretty damn good at knowing where things are all the time, what’s going on, who’s who and the why’s of most stuff.  It’s why I’m good at my job.  But right now I cannot find my Baptizim outfit.  It’s the one my sister and I wore and part of what Kyle will be wearing.  The plan is to have him wear my gown and cap and use Jason’s blanket and quilt.  That’s the plan but if I can’t find the darn gown then I’ll have to buy something else.

Jason was 7 months old when he was baptized so the one he wore will be far too large for the little guy.  It’s a really, really nice outfit but I he’ll swim in it.  I also really have my heart set on Kyle having something from each of us from that important day.  I like tradition and continuity.  I’m a dork like that.

Speaking of baptizims, the next two weeks we have one each Sunday.  Tomorrow is for little Michael, I’m way excited.  I figured out that I’ve not seen M’s daddy, James, since he and Sara got married.  It’ll be nice to lay eyes on him again.  I’m also really excited to meet little M too.  The week before Kyle was born Sara and M were in town and I was far, far, far too sick to meet him.  I was really sad about that but excited because Sara braved the sickness and spent an afternoon with giant, coughing, ear infected me.  By that point in my pregnancy I didn’t leave the house much.  Mostly because fitting in my car was always a maybe maybe not thing.


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