Oh man I love GHIII.  I love the songs, I love the challenge.  I love playing.  I love it love it.  About the only thing I could possibly love more is Rock Band.  But I won’t know until it’s out on the Wii.

Oh I loves me some WoW.  A lot.  I log in and see my little gnomes pink buns of doom and I smile.  I try to sneak an hour or so in a day now, back in the Pre Kyle days it was hours on end but he’s far more important to spend time with even when I could put him down in front of the TV for a bit.  I want to enjoy him.

But he loves GHIII too.  When I was pregnant with him I’d start to play and he’d start to dance.  Oh man I’m so proud.  Even now I’ll rock him and talk to him and Jason will be rocking out and he’ll smile and try and watch the colors go by.  So sometimes I let him watch for a bit.  Or I’ll let him watch as I play “Stinky Feet” or “I’ve got your tummy!!” with him.  His little face just splits wide open.

I was very sad the other day though when I arrived home and saw that Evil Mean Paul had taken his guitar home with him so I can no longer rock out with Jason as a band when the baby sleeps.  I shall cry when I see him next.  Probably at church on Sunday morning.


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