The geek in me says “Squee”

When Jason got a Blackberry I was like “meh”.  I mean, sure I knew they could do all kinds of neat things but I just didn’t see myself needing one.  But the more he did with his the more I coveted it.  Then I had Kyle and I realized how useful the phone could be.

Now, Jason got his free because the company that makes them gave them to Sprint to give to some members of their tech crew and Jason and his boss were among those.  But those things are costly and while I was now salivating over it the price tag kept me from really asking about getting one.  Even with J’s discount and the credit we’d get because I’ve had my phone for 2 years it was still costly.

Then J told me his boss really didn’t like the phone.  My ears picked up.  That was until he told me that the data package that made a Blackberry a Blackberry was $30 a month.  Granted that’s not a great deal of money but I just couldn’t justify that cash outlay on what amounted to a toy for me.  Though the geek in me still cried out for the ability to really gain net access and IM as well as have a scheduler and mini computer at my fingertips.

Well now we are adding J’s mom to our account because it’s much, much cheaper for her for way more options thanks to Jason’s employee status.  While he was doing that he found out that the data package is free on <i>any</i> account attached to the employee not just the employee phone.  Oh.  My.  Geek.

So if his boss still wants to unload his phone it’s mine.  Squee


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