Isn’t it funny that…

Pre Baby:

It took all Saturday to clean the living room, mop the kitchen and put a load of laundry away.

You’d hit the snooze alarm 3 times.

You’d never leave the house with out a shower, hair done and a full face of makeup.

You refused to touch anything remotely ‘gross’.

An average shower lasted 15 minutes.

Post Baby:

You can clean the living room, mop the kitchen and get two loads of laundry put away in 1 hour.

You’re showered, dressed, make up, hair done and the baby is clean, changed and fed all before your alarm used to go off.

You now think nothing of leaving the house with dog breath to get a replacement for the favorite paci that got eaten one of the cats to sooth a crying child.

You can pick a booger or clean up spit without blinking an eye.

You can now shower in 5 minutes flat.  Including a shave.

Sometimes you don’t get anything done because you don’t want to put the baby down.

You enjoy the quiet of the morning when he falls back to sleep.

Nothing comes close to the joy you get when you can give your baby the one thing that will make them happy.

You still long for the days of a long hot shower 😛


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