The other two

My house is home to two people one baby and two cats. The cats, Peabody and Marble, feel that even though they don’t have educations or jobs, they should run the place. Just now I was dealing with a very pissed off Kyle and they sat on the coffee table staring at me. Why you ask? Because I was late serving their canned dinner. Both aren’t enamored with the new member of the house and less so when he causes their dinners to be delayed.

To be fair Marble has been with me since before I met the husband so she may have a small point in the “I was here first” war. Peabody just resents anything or anyone that prevents me from doing anything but petting him for hours on end.

They both also have a very annoying habit of sleeping on me or right at my knees. This became a problem when I was pregnant. You try moving your legs around two cats who refuse to move and then over a beach ball.

Now when I have to wake up to answer the urgent cries of my son they both continue to refuse to allow me to get out of bed then give me a look that I can only guess is the cat equivalent of the evil eye when I attempt to get back into bed. Little punks.


2 thoughts on “The other two

  1. You should give your cats to someone who will love them and feed them on time and give them the attention they deserve. It’s obvious that they annoy you and you probably treat them as such – annoyances. Quit your bellyaching on blogs! What have they ever done to derserve it? In the time you spent kvetching about them, you could have actually done something nice for them! Poor kitties!!

  2. LOL That makes me laugh!

    I’d get into a debate about how you don’t know me or my cats but you don’t care. If you did you wouldn’t puss out by using an anon name.

    Giving an animal away that has been in a home for many years, or hell giving any pet away just because you have had a baby is the height of cruelty. And frankly I don’t want to give them away. They are a part of my life and my family.

    Enjoy your Saturday!

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