Damn Darcy

This last summer J and I had a friend staying with us.  The short version of his sad tale is that his mother is insane.  I’m not sure it’s clinically insane but I do know the women is one crayon short in the box.

And so Darcy stayed with us a summer to try and think without her yelling at him in Mandarin at the top of her lungs while she gave the dog thing she has an ice cream cone.  Somehow the PO got the idea in their minds this meant Jason and I moved.  It took us a while to notice the problem because almost all of our mail continued to make it to us.  Our car bills, WE, Time Warner, and bank stuff.  You know the letters you run out to get.
Meanwhile stuff was being sent back.  And suddenly we figured out even that wasn’t consitant.  I have gotten cards that have two envlopes.  One that got to my mail box and the second with the yellow sticker stating we’ve moved and we have no forwarding address.  All the packages our most generous friends sent us for Kyle arrived.
The final shove is two fold.  Our insurance cards have not yet arrived even though I’ve called 5 times and we are now stalking the mail box for Kyle’s birth certificate and his social security card.  As it’s now 6 weeks we are getting nervous.

So I call our insurance company in a good pissed off mood and ream the rep out that yet again our cards are not at our doorstep.  A manager finally called me back today and she finally told me that our cards are being returned saying we don’t live where we live.  Well now I get even more pissed.  Mostly because it took 5 people to tell me something as simple as that.  I mean, really, how hard was it to do that?  Yes it took longer than saying “Well Ma’am, I’ll send them out again.”  Fucking lazy people.  Also I’ve fired reps on the spot who have spoken to me the way I was spoken too over the course of the last 5 months from those people.

So anyway, before I get off on a rant I can’t control, I called the Post Office and the lady there said that it wasn’t anything they’d done on their end.  Someone at the main branch here must have decided that, but she did agree with me that it’s more than weird some stuff is getting through.

So what does this mean?  Jason or I, most likely him, will have to go to the court house to get another birth certificate for Kyle then take that to the social security office to have them reissue his social security card because without these things we can’t get him insured.  Given that right know the kid has cost us almost $8k in medical bills if we had to pay them out of pocket, we are sort of in a bind to make sure it’s done.

So all this mess I lay at Darcy’s door.  In fact blaming Darcy for everything is somewhat of a sport for me and our friends.  I think this one might win the weekly “What was Darcy’s fault” pool.


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