Yoda baby

Ok so I’m going to move my blog here.  Well one of them anyway.  For some reason I just don’t like Blogger anymore.  Perhaps it feels too much like it has training wheels.  I might proclaim my self a geek in the blog title but I’m not really one you want to call to fix your ‘net or your computer.
Today my mother told me she’d yelled at my father because he’d started calling Kyle “Yoda”.  I told her that I’d started calling him that a couple of days ago.  See, when he’s really studying you but he’s sitting up his little cheeks hang and, mommy has to face it, he’s got sort of large ears for his head.  While they aren’t elf pointy they do look less rounded than mine do.  My mother just looked at us both like we’d grown two heads that I would dare say my son looks like Yoda and my father, his grandfather for whom he’s named, would agree with my reasons for calling him that.
The best part to me was that I’m debating him being R2D2 for Halloween or Yoda.  I’d started thinking about that before I noticed the resemblance.  Now the decision is made.  Jason wants him to be Darth Vader.  I’m thinking I want to put off my child being an evil overseer for a while.


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