A growing boy

We ran into some problems with sleep over the last two weeks. Meaning he wouldn’t sleep very long during the day instead opting to scream for half an hour at a time then staring at me with accusing eyes as if I could fix his ills. With a little coaxing and a weekend of letting him sleep on my chest we got him more normal again. Oh and letting him sleep how he wanted, on his stomach helped.

Before you go to the comments section and burn me in Hades let me first say I avoided it as long as I could because I do read all the stats and know that babies should sleep on their backs. He won’t. Not for any length of time anyway. We also got an Apnea sleep alarm from a friend who no longer needed it. The thing gives off a very loud alarm if he stops moving for more than 30 seconds and he’s also been moved into our room in his bassinet. Is it the best of all worlds? No but he’s sleeping and so are we. I’ve not told our Ped yet about this solution because I’m more than a little afraid she’ll yell at me but he was so miserable that I had to let him do what was natural for him.

It also helped that I had several very smart and wonderful mom’s tell me their kids did the same thing and that you can’t train a baby this small to not want to sleep how they want to sleep.

There is also a Measles outbreak here. Lovely. More lovely because 2 of the kids who have it are pretty much neighbors and we also found out by accident the Index Child lived in the apartment where my parents live now. Like, 2 doors down. So now Jason and I are working it out so we aren’t taking Kyle to crowded public places to avoid, hopefully, him getting sick.

He’s sleeping in my lap now. I’ve found I have to get up at 6:30 to shower before he wakes up then I can dress, change and feed him and keep my fingers crossed he’ll drift off again. When he does into his swing he goes so I can dress and do my hair. After that it’s 50/50 he’ll wake up again and need mommy. I hate 6:30 but it’s the only way I can get everything done and ensure I don’t have to wake J up to take care of him because he won’t drift back off so I can shower or dress.

If he keeps up being a nice sleeping baby the rest of the week next week we’ll start working on putting him down before he goes out all the way so he’ll learn to sleep on his own. Right now my strategy is to prop him on the boppy for feedings so he won’t be in my arms rocking or doing our little bounce as he drifts off. This would only be during the day. At night it’s too damn important to get him sleeping to start screwing with it. God willing he’ll get it.

As for sleeping through the night, right now we’re just hoping he’ll sleep longer than 2 hours with constancy. Oh we can get 2.5 or 3 out of him, but it’s never at night when mom and dad are trying to sleep. It’s always mid evening. Though I can’t hate it too much because that means I get to make dinner. The thing is almost every time he wakes after midnight he feeds for an ounce or less and falls back to sleep. Hell he’s falling back to sleep as he’s getting changed or just after you put the bottle in his mouth. He wants to sleep through. He doesn’t need the extra feeds as much. He just doesn’t know how yet.

I may be looking for a new place to host my blog. Blogger is wonderful but I want to keep my more personal blogs separate from my political and more impersonal ones. Not sure what where I’d go or what I’d do though.

PS Yay me! I only had 5 words spelled wrong in this post and one of them was just because I can’t type well 😉


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