5 Weeks

Today he’s 5 weeks old and I swear he’s growing up too fast. His head, so tiny at birth, fits snugly into his head rest in his car seat now. The receiving blankets he used at birth are almost too small now.

Last week he began to coo and try to talk to you. Now granted he does it right before he starts to scream but it seems like he’s trying to tell you what is wrong before a melt down.

Oh and melt downs we’ve had. Last week was rough as he had to get used to mommy and daddy both being gone all day long at work. He spent a good deal of the week awake and crying at my mom and dad. Hopefully today’s sleeping and smiling bodes well for that adjustment. In fact I’m very surprised he is sleeping so well today because this was the day we stopped letting him sleep in a bouncer or swing at nap time. So he’s next to me on the couch snoring happily to my great delight.

While he sleeps I’m watching The Deadliest Catch. I don’t think I want to eat fish or crab ever again. Seeing them as they get pulled out of the sea seems to make me sad for them. I’m far too sentimental so I suppose that’s a good time to scrapbook some.


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