I told you she was good

So the doctor looked Kyle over today to give him her clean bill of health. She and I also spoke about Children’s and she pretty much told me what I’d thought. They are so used to seeing uninvolved and uneducated parents they have a formula. They also probably would have called CPS on us had we taken him to our regular hospital AMA. We are under order to always go to our normal hospital because once the see he’ll need more than regular type ER care they call her and she gives the orders. She also comes to the hospital to take care of her patients.

In other news we’re seeing sleep patterns in him. He cranks between 8 and 12 am. Also from 5ish to 12 am he won’t sleep in a deep sleep. Also 2am to 4 am he’s not a happy boy. Speaking of have to rescue daddy.


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