Three Weeks Old

He’s three weeks old and already he’s changing so much. His cheeks have filled out and become chubby and round. The hair on his head is darker and I swear it’s growing already. I’ve watched as the clothes he had that were too big are now fitting better as he’s gained over a pound and grown 2 inches in a short time.

And we are learning likes and dislikes with each other. He likes having his back thumped like he’s getting burped while over your shoulder. He falls asleep like that. We’ve learned what he sounds like when he’s waking up versus just squeaking in his sleep. And he’s found out he likes to swing in his swing. And we already knew that to get you to sleep you had to be in a bouncie.

We’ve had our first health crisis and you’ve helped me figure out what I want to do about some people in my life. The cats like the new family member and he seems to enjoy watching them when he can see them.

I’m amazed at how strong his neck is already and the nurses and doctors have all been amazed at how strong his legs and arms are when they try and straighten them out. And daddy is extremely proud of how much he eats, almost 4 oz!, and at how many times a day he poops or pees.

I’m starting to see the new born melt away some and be replaced by baby and even though I’m tired and sometimes I want to cry when I pull myself out of bed when he cries I wouldn’t rush through these days for all the sleep in the world.


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