This will be a scary weekend

This isn’t one of those gushing mommy bragging notes. Thursday Jason and I began to deal with the first health crisis of Kyle’s life. Around 7 am Kyle woke up and began fussing. Now every baby fusses but this was very un Kyle like behavior. He would wake out of a sleep, or half wake, after 30 to 40 minutes of sleeping to cry. Not the quiet I’m not happy cry but a loud squall that would quiet if he was giggled or rocked after a few moments.

Around 10am I changed his diaper and noticed that he felt hot so I took at temperature with an ear thermometer. It was 101.4. I was a little concerned but he was wrapped in a good deal of blankets and had warm jammies on. So I swapped his clothes for a larger onsie *Nightmare before Christmas natch* and put him in just one blanket. He seemed to settle a little so Jason took over so I could run to the grocery store.

Around 3 pm he still felt warm and my mom told me I should call his doctor. She wasn’t in the office but a nurse told me to check his temp again using the rectal thermometer. Jason looked like he might cry over the idea of something going up Kyle’s butt but it’s what we had to do. It was 100.8.

The nurse told us to go to the ER, and told us she’d like us to go to Children’s over Waukesha Memorial.

We were taken in quickly and within moments of meeting the doctor we were informed that with babies under 56 days old they did blood tests, which I had expected, and a spinal tap. That warned me that something more was going on, or could be. He also told us that until all his cultures came back they would admit Kyle to the hospital, this would be 48 hours.

I was not happy. His temp was normal at their exam and I did not want my son subjected to unnecessary procedures, ie; the spinal tap. I also did not want him on antibiotics, the reason for the admittance, unless there was something that indicated that there was reason. But the doctor was instant that this is how it’s handled and while we could have taken him home AMA, I did not want to risk his health or a CPS visit.

So here we are in Children’s. Thankfully this is one of the best hospitals for little ones in the US and the best in the midwest.

His blood tests so far look normal, his cell count in his spinal tap as well. So far there is nothing to indicate that he has an infection. However an early stain of his spinal fluid indicated a bacterial issue. The nurses assured us that could very well be because his skin infected the sample they stained and that this was only a first run test.

Sadly he’s on three antibiotics, all administered via IV as well as a monitor to check his pulse and his blood ox. His poor little arm is immobilized and it’s the one he likes to suck. It’s hard to hold him with his tubes and wires. Also we’ve not gotten him to sleep at all in his crib and the hospital won’t allow co-sleeping, not that we’d want to with his IV, and they really don’t want to have him sleep in a bouncie.

Right now it’s a waiting game. Hopefully once all his tests come back clear on Saturday they’ll do a late (after 8) release so we can take him home. Otherwise we have to wait until Sunday morning.

I do have to say I’m not happy with the idea he’s on all these antibiotics when other than a fever 13 or more hours ago nor am I happy that they are running such invasive tests on him. Also I feel as if the doctors aren’t really hearing what I’m saying and just following the CYA procedures.

On the bright side, at the end of this if he actually sleeps in his crib well then I suppose all was not lost.


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