Part two

The doctor came in to talk to us about half an hour ago.

First off he explained better the protocol for keeping him and the why’s of the third antibiotic. I’m feeling much better about it now. He also let us know that so far all his cultures are coming back negative and that he fully expects that Kyle is just fine.

According to him he’ll discharge us as soon as the 48 hour mark hits no matter the time so we’ll be leaving tomorrow night.

On the plus side Kyle been sleeping well in his hospital crib so both Jason and I are excited about that.

Oh and they are impressed with his peeing power


One thought on “Part two

  1. How scary for you guys! I don’t know what I would do. It sounds like Kyle’s handling it like a champ, but I’m sure it’s so hard for you. Good thoughts and prayers your way, babe. Hope everything turns out fine.

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