The kitchen

I forgot to tell you all that on Sunday night I actually managed to cook dinner. Ok so Jason was taking care of Kyle when it happened but there was actually a modicum of a new routine coming out again. Right now I dearly crave some sort of none baby activity. Oh not that I don’t enjoy taking care of my son because I do but I realize that it’s been more than a week and frankly we can’t keep running around doing nothing more than ordering dinner and bouncing a baby.

Tonight I plan on making a meal I’ve not had in ages. It’s one from my child hood that I remember not only fondly but by drooling. It’s a simple meal, one beef tenderloin marinated in egg, milk and garlic then dredged in flour with salt and pepper then Italian bread crumbs and then fried in some oil. But I remember it fondly because it was a special meal for us growing up. When money is tight hamburger is your main stay and so when we had a little extra or we had a special day, like a birthday, mom or dad would fry that up. We’d eat like cave men, meat only nothing else just fried meat. And it was good. I do plan on making some fries and green beans to go with our meal tonight but the memories of grabbing a piece of hot fried beef from a pan then cutting into it with no table manners at all lives strong in me.

My son is currently sleeping again after being awake for about 40 minutes and not needing any fussing. He was awake and wasn’t hungry or fussing for a new diaper so we sang some Skynard, Simple Man and the Itsy Bitsy Spider then he drifted off to sleep again.

Besides not keeping a silent house, the second most given advice and advice I’d already known and had implemented in my hospital room, I will expose Kyle to music as much as I can. My parents were always having something on. And it was all different. Country, Blue Grass, Jazz, Rock, Top 40, Big Band. I grew up loving it all and that’s a gift I want to give my son too.


One thought on “The kitchen

  1. Very sweet.

    I remember when My Jake was a baby, the only songs I knew all the words to were Beatles songs. So now when Jake hears “I Will” he calls it his baby song.

    It gets easier… then it gets hard in a different way.

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