The impossiable

My son has done the impossible.

Let me preface this by giving some background. Jason is a boy who’s enamored with boy things. Bathroom things among them. He enjoys bragging about his poop. How regular he is and how good a nice poop makes him feel.

His son is his son. Today Jason was holding him and smiling and being all cute and daddy like then suddenly shouts “OH GOD!” It seems the child was taking a poop. And boy how did he. He went to town with a face all screwed up and his eyes pulled in tight. He went for a good 5 minutes.

Then Jason went to change him. I’ve never heard my husband yell that loud in my life. But it appears Kyle had filled his diaper with poop so foul that even Jason, who isn’t the least bit bothered by poop, was shocked and amazed.

The boy can poop. And burp. I see some fun times come adolescence.


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