Most given advice

So far the most given advice I’ve gotten is sleep when he sleeps. Well meaning I’m sure but that’s a lot harder to do than one would think.

During the night it’s easy. You want to sleep at night. Of course the baby wants to check out the stars. The day time offers a different set of problems. Things need to be done during the day. Laundry, he’s peed/pooped through many an outfit and blanket, your laundry too because again, the pee/poop thing. You also need to shower, eat and go to the bathroom yourself. Then there are the visitors. People want to come over and visit the baby, see the cute tiny new being. But when people are here you can’t nap either. And they have a habit of staying long enough that the baby gets his nap then they flee as he wakes. You then go through the routine of a change and a bottle and hope he settles so you can maybe catch a cat nap. But by then you’re hungry so you make a pizza and eat it then he wakes as you toss the last crust in the trash.

So sleeping while he sleeps is problematic at best, impossible at worst.

Speaking of laundry mine is currently in the washer. My breasts are leaking so I need to change my bra’s fairly often. Also I made the mistake of taking my bra off while brushing my teeth. I’m standing there over the sink and there is this dripping on my foot. I look and I’m not drooling all over nor is the water on the floor yet I feel this dripping. Yeah, breast milk all over. So there was a pair of PJ’s that ended up in the laundry basket totally separate from one of Kyle’s accidents.


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