The fist

When you are preparing for a new baby you get these little mittens. Tiny little things made to keep their sharp nails from cutting their skin as they toss their arms and hands around. These things never stay on. To me their worse than baby socks. At least those can get wrapped up tight so the only come some of the way off not all the way off. Those gloves though get knocked around and end up in a cats mouth.

Not only do the gloves come off they piss Kyle off. He’s a sucker and he loves his fist. If he can’t suck on his fist he gets mad then gives me a look like he’s going to gum my eyes out then screams. So the mittens are off.

This means I’ll have to be careful about keeping his nails blunt. I think the best advice I’ve gotten so far is don’t try and cut the suckers. Use an emery board and file ’em down. In fact I think trying to cut a babies nails is about the most stupid thing I’ve heard of. I mean you have to keep them short but cutting them? Did the person who came up with that idea ever look at a babies hand?


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