From the start

March 8th is when Jason and I got into the car and drove to the hospital. Though our whole pregnancy we’d thought it would be a rush through the night or maybe a day time snowstorm while I grunted in pain and swore Jason found every pot hole he could find. I’m sure most couples think that when they are told they are pregnant. It’s part of the drill. Mom wakes up in the middle of the night going “It’s time!” Then dad grabs the suitcase and runs out the door leaving mom behind.

Instead Kyle was being stubborn. He was down and my body was ready but he seemed to think mommy’s body was the perfect place to be. So my doctor and I decided to induce. All I had to do was wait for the hospital to call and confirm they could take us and we’d have a nice quiet drive on in.

It was a strange drive. As we got onto the freeway we made some phone calls and then just sat. There wasn’t this big thing in the air or this rush of excitement. It was like any other drive. Except we knew this was the last ride of just us. We’d never be just two again.

After we arrived we checked in and I was poked and stabbed and medicine was started. Family arrived and we figured he’d be there before the end of the day. Of course I always tend to throw a wrench in any plans that are made when it comes to my health.

The Pitocin ramped up very quickly. Within 2 hours I was vomiting from pain. All thoughts of breathing through the contractions and working up to the drugs before I was begging for them flew out of the window. Though I never actually got to beg. I couldn’t put two words together much less say “Gimmie something NOW.” The best I could do was a low groan to which a nurse just told me to breath through. I wanted to slap her. Finally my doctor called and they checked and I heard the magic number 4. I knew at 4 they’d give me drugs. And it was drugs I wanted.

Now let me say I’d always figured that the epidural would hurt it would just hurt less than the contractions. Dear people I have to inform you it doesn’t hurt at all. Not at all. A prick for the Novocaine then nothing. Suddenly it’s dear sweet thought. I could have gone for 8 hours like that. Happy, talking, munching on ice chips.

Of course I wanted the end to come. I wanted to meet my son, see his face. But man I knew what was coming next.

Look, I don’t want to scare anyone who hasn’t been there so I won’t go into too many details. Let me just give the trite and true response of he’s worth it. Any child is. I saw his face before they put him on my chest as the doctor pulled him out. I thought my heart would stop right there. It didn’t of course but I will never forget that moment if I live to be 100.

Then after delivery we started having some problems. My blood pressure was high, very high. Then we noticed the right side of my face seemed to be a little droopy and off. I could tell that my nurse was worried I’d had a stroke.

I didn’t but I did develop Bell’s Palsy. My doctor feels it was a combination of having that virus that was floating around that I’d just started feeling better from and the violent vomiting that I’d done during delivery.

You know it’s an odd feeling eating and drinking when the right side of your face can’t completely get along with your left. Do you have any idea how many times you lick your lips when you eat? Try not doing it some time and let me know how that works for ya.

With my face and my blood pressure I earned a late release from the hospital. I spend another 4 and a half hours in the hospital room and I was not happy. They wanted to keep me longer but I may have stroked out at that point. Really stroked.

So that brings us to now. First night home was a first night home. He wasn’t sure when to sleep so he didn’t. In fact most of the day today he’s not slept at all. Cat naps. For all of us. But I may have found a groove for him. Fall asleep on mommy/daddy move to seat/swing and don’t startle. If we can get 3 hours in a stretch out of him tonight we’ll all be happy and on the right track. Of course we are talking about a 4 day old baby so it’s insane to really have hopes too high.


2 thoughts on “From the start

  1. You know, I think it’s okay to write about the scary parts of labor and birth. Those tend to be the parts that set us apart. The vomiting from pain, the rough pushing, the moment when it was all worth it for you, that’s what sets you apart at the same time as it welcomes you into that thing called motherhood. And every pregnancy and every labor are different, so there is just as much chance of having a labor like mine as like yours, you know?

    Good story. I hope your first days and weeks are good with “the Bold,” but the best part is that even if they’re not, you have nothing else to do for these couple weeks than just be Mom. Try to sleep, try to enjoy it, thank the good lord that you have help.


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